Thanksgiving — Becoming a Fearless Leader

You can become your fearless leader

While everyone is expressing their gratitude for their customers, business partners, and family members, I want to take this opportunity to thank those adventurers who make difficult decisions for themselves and become fearless leaders. I became one of those adventurers five years ago.

After receiving twenty rejection letters from the US programs I applied to, I received an admission offer from the counseling psychology program at Arizona State University. The letter stated:

“We can’t offer you the admission for our doctoral program, but we can offer you the admission for our master program. After…

In the past two weeks, I felt greatly disconnected from the world, except for my participation in mandatory business meetings. I ceased production of my daily Tiktok videos and no longer offered help to my peers.

My withdrawal from the world affected my daily routine, causing a drastic shift in my usual schedule.

I used to wake up at 5:30, and now it has changed to 6:30, and today it was 7:00 AM.

When I was running this morning, I had a premonition that my altered lifestyle could result in an unfavorable destiny.

Nine o’clock, it was my regular meeting…

The first time I started seriously thinking about the meaning of my life was at the funeral of my grandfather. Such thinking brought me a lot of psychological challenges, but finally, I found my purpose of life — bring more positivity to the world.

My grandfather was not a bad guy in my memory, because I slept with him until I was eight years old. He taught me wisdom on how to “live to our own advantage.” He fought against my parents and sisters half of his life. Nobody in my family likes him.

I still remember his famous words…

While more and more people are discussing hate Asian crimes and some Asian groups are even organized to defend the possible attacks, I don’t think this is the right approach to solve the problem. Hate comes from fear, and we can reduce hate crime by investing in ourselves.

First, even the psychology field is yet to understand the root cause of it clearly, but it is widely accepted that hate comes from fear. Fear is just one negative emotion which you need to find a place to vent. For example, if you are going to lose your job next month…

Do you have a feeling that you are experiencing more stupid people on social media, particularly in tough times like today?

Congrats! You and I share something in common.

Many people have complained about the negative sides of social media, but few can reject it, why? Here is my interpretation.

First, you admit or not, we all are blind to some degree. The real world we see is the world we perceive from the framework built up from our past beliefs, education, and experience — for example, the view of democrats and the view of republicans. …

Two days ago, in a meeting with the principal and teachers of my daughters’ preschool, some teachers cried, asking parents to pay a fee for next month. The principal told us she had already laid off non-essential staff to cope with the crisis, but we need teachers.

It is tough, but more and more people are discussing the uncomfortable topic: layoff. I hope my personal story quitting from IBM can help you and me today.

I had the idea of quitting my job from IBM since 2012 when I felt less and less happiness from work, and my time was…

These days, there are more bad news on the Internet and more divisive comments on social media. Some Chinese communities even start preparing for possible attacks from racists. I made a decision today: posting my real-life story in the past six years — a story of stopping complaints, challenging ourselves, staying positive in desperate times, and helping each other. I hope this can help you as well.

Six years ago, at the same time, I made my decision: change. I need some change, but I did not know what that was. Frustrated with my job, mixed with the inability to…

I have been here in the USA for almost five years, but on only a few occasions, I heard the “American Dream.” The American dream was the most powerful call for people, of course including myself, who had hopes for their life, belief, or mission. The Twitter responses to two American celebrities this morning ignited my thinking: what is my American Dream.

This morning, I saw a post from Eric Trump, “We live in the greatest country on earth!”.

I do not totally agree or disagree with it. I like American a lot, even though I got nothing after I…

It cost me six years, my whole life saving, and hundreds of failures and rejections, I realized my dream is not “mental health service”, but a non-judgemental community, in a noisy and judgemental virtual world.

Almost ten years ago, I felt I had “depression,” and there were nearly half a year when I could not sleep very well. I think I was very old, and I started disliking all kinds of new things, such as the iPhone and social media. However, after I tried social media for a while, I became addicted. The more I used it, the more I…

Today is a bad day, at least from what I felt.

In the morning, when I was in the Toastmaster meeting, David asked me, “are you superstitious guy?” I did not clearly understand it, but 5 seconds later, I answered, “not exactly.”

HOOP — Help Out Our Peers

I was toastmaster this morning, and I repeated in the meeting twice,
“We can’t control when the virus comes to contact us individually, and I hope never. However, maybe it will come to us in 1 day, one week, one month, who knows. Rather than feel anxious about it, which usually will make things worse, probably, we should think…

Jianhong Zhou

Founder of HOOP (, leadership coach, former IBM leader, global citizen with footprints in 40+ countries, degree collector, athlete, and comedian

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