In the past two weeks, I felt greatly disconnected from the world, except for my participation in mandatory business meetings. I ceased production of my daily Tiktok videos and no longer offered help to my peers.

My withdrawal from the world affected my daily routine, causing a drastic shift in my usual schedule.

I used to wake up at 5:30, and now it has changed to 6:30, and today it was 7:00 AM.

When I was running this morning, I had a premonition that my altered lifestyle could result in an unfavorable destiny.

Nine o’clock, it was my regular meeting with my writer, Erin. She has been working with me for four months. Previously, I tried to help her and gave her more instructions about HOOP’s mission and potential mental health topics. Today, we had nothing to discuss, and she asked me about the progress of my job seeking. Even though I did not believe I could gain knowledge from merely an undergraduate student, I was wrong. During our meeting, Erin said, “You will find a way for you and for HOOP.”

I felt uplifted.

After the meeting with Erin, I got an email from Thomas. Thomas is CEO of a small tech company in the Phoenix. I sent him an email exploring a business idea.

Usually, 90% of your emails do not receive a response. However, Thomas was 10% who responded. I shared with Thomas my business idea; and, I also spoke about my financial struggles which are largely a result of my high aspirations.

I have a financial struggle due to my adventure.

Thomas responded to me with his story:

He took no money from his company and almost ruined the financial situation of his family. However, his company is now valued around 25M. His investment and commitment are paying off.

I am not sure how much Thomas can help me with that business idea, but his response inspired me.

Before this post, I had not logged into Tiktok for over two weeks.

“Mr. J, your videos are uplifting for my life these days. When I was watching your videos, I laughed out at least 3 times.”

I realized that my videos are important to people who are struggling in the pandemic.

As humans, we all have some sort of struggles, from career, relationships, health situations, the frustration of not being able to accomplish our fabulous goals and dreams, even in these trying times

It is not that we have a mental health disorder, but it is that we may have mental health symptoms, anxiety, depression, loneliness, or even desperation.

We don’t need professional treatment, neither do we need fancy technologies to cure our problems.

What we need is a place where we can connect, chat, and support each other.

That is HOOP.


Founder of HOOP (, leadership coach, former IBM leader, global citizen with footprints in 40+ countries, degree collector, athlete, and comedian